Folk anthelmintic

Folk treatment of worms is an excellent way to eliminate the negative effects of toxins, waste products and worm infections on human immunity.

However, even the most detailed deworming instructions issued by a traditional healer must include instructions for consulting an helminthologist or infectious disease specialist and taking medication.

The characteristics of the worm invasion process, the ability of the population to reproduce densely and its natural resistance are not always possible to clear the intestines by using only insect repellents that have a significant effect on adults instead of fixed larvae. Parasites, or worms that are not in the intestine at a specific time.

Removal of worms, especially in the case of a wide range of invasions and a large number of parasites, may only be through a comprehensive method.

Pumpkin seeds to remove parasites

The nature of the problem and the solution

Using folk remedies to treat worms at home is a common practice in alternative medicine, which includes the use of various plant and animal ingredients in its methods that are commonly used in such practices.

The main application areas of folk treatment of worms are the treatment of children, pregnant women and the elderly, who are contraindicated to use toxic synthetic drugs with toxic effects.

If the question of how to remove worms from the body involves people who are chronically ill or who are weak after severe surgery, they usually turn to traditional medicine.

In this case, it is recommended to increase the use of nutrients, which can simultaneously remove worms and provide the patient's body with the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Use honey, pumpkin seeds, carrot juice, pears with seeds-all of these are solutions to the problems faced by doctors. When parasites need to be removed, toxic drugs are prohibited.

Eliminating the danger of worms with folk remedies constitutes a rather long list that must be considered.

The external harmlessness of plant and animal ingredients, which are mainly composed of folk remedies for adults and children, must be considered, because incorrect prescriptions or excessive use will not only cause adverse reactions, but also bring harmful consequences:

  • Allergic manifestations or incompatibility reactions to the food used (well known, strong allergens are honey and spices, which are part of the recommended recipe);
  • In order to use folk methods to get rid of worms, if you overdose wormwood, tansy or angelica, they are called excellent paralytics for worms, which may cause poisoning and hallucinations;
  • If you try to use onion or garlic tincture to eliminate the worms of the digestive system disease recklessly, it is easy to cause the deterioration of the chronic process;
  • Using folk remedies for high blood pressure or low blood pressure worms, you may not have considered that the herbs contained in the medicine collection have blood pressure lowering or high blood pressure effects
  • Herbal preparations recommended as laxatives can cause severe diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and weakness;
  • An excess of a certain vitamin found in fruits, vegetables, or berries can cause an imbalance of vitamins and minerals, and sometimes this is as good as a deficiency.

Folk remedies for adult worms, without consulting a doctor, through self-appointment or advice from outsiders, may cause many but more complications. Due to age, one does not suspect pathology temporarily.

In old age, folk remedies should be used with caution, because there are dysfunctions, which can lead to age-related changes.

To decide how to deworm and choose the necessary folk recipes, you need to know what type of parasite lesions, because the chosen method may not be suitable for expelling certain types of parasites.

Stages of replacement therapy for helminthiasis

A feature of the existing methods of treating folk remedies is the use of herbal preparations to fight worms.

These are not killing worms (which would require toxic substances that negatively affect the human body). But it creates disadvantages for them, or produces paralysis.

Therefore, at home, unconventional treatment for parasites is carried out in three stages. For each of them, certain methods and individual folk remedies are required:

  1. The stage of negative conditions or paralytic effects on adults passing through the body or attached to the intestinal wall (the selection of the appropriate agent depends on the type of parasite that infects the person).
  2. Eliminate the affected worms from the body and eliminate the body poisoning caused by the products of their life activities (for this, they take laxatives, antidotes, natural medicines, eat certain foods, enemas with medicinal ingredients, and use other effective recipes).
  3. The stage of physical recovery. The damage caused by the presence of worms in the body is very significant. Simply removing parasites is not enough, you need to strengthen the immune system and introduce the vitamins and minerals lost due to the parasite invasion. As a vitamin therapy, you can take rose hips, cranberries, citrus fruits or any berry fruits to stimulate immunity-any of the recommended immunostimulant therapy in folk medicine.

There are many methods of deworming at home, but in addition to deworming or laxative effects, the effectiveness of specific species must also be considered.

Not all recommended methods help remove roundworm or liver worms, or are suitable for removing extraintestinal parasites.

Taking into account the existing prerequisites and the successful completion of deworming and parasite work, it is not only necessary to determine the means to implement deworming therapy in stages, but also to consider their compatibility with the body and their compatibility. they themselves.

Types of folk remedies for parasitic diseases

The folk remedy of worms is a general vague concept, which includes a variety of variable therapies aimed at restoring human health.

The folk methods of treating worms are:

  • Oral tinctures, infusions, decoctions and single-component edible foods with certain anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory or disinfecting properties;
  • Intestinal enema to remove parasites, effectively remove tapeworms and act on other types of worms;
  • Dietary foods, vitamin-containing products, trace elements and minerals designed to remove toxins and toxins from the body;
  • Complex treatment for adults, using multi-component tinctures, herbal preparations or vitamin juices from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables;
  • Aromatic oils and vegetable oils used in aromatherapy for immune stimulation, medicine preparation or ingestion.

Traditional medicine can use any of these methods to treat worms.

When it is done in the correct step-by-step manner, the treatment sometimes lasts long enough.

But if it does not proceed until full recovery, the parasites that have been excreted can take advantage of this. They will hatch from eggs or larvae, or settle again in people with weakened immune systems.

Use folk remedies at different stages of treatment

The recommended complex method not only starts with the removal of worms, but also with a special diet, aimed at creating negative conditions for them.

The diet does not include sweets, alcohol, cakes, and high-fat foods. The main menu should include fiber, vegetables and juices, citrus fruits (using freshly squeezed juices can effectively eliminate parasites that are uncomfortable in an acidic environment), and fermented dairy products.

You can use a single diet of grated carrots and freshly squeezed juice as a vitamin therapy-this can simultaneously repel worms and replenish missing minerals and vitamins in the body.

If you only need one vitamin therapy, you can take rose hips rich in vitamins (including vitamin C), or grated carrots and mix them with apples or beets.

The main content of vegetable and fruit juice processing is not to heat them. In addition to diet, medicinal plants can also be used to repel any worms, even roundworms.

Medicinal plants

One of the most effective ways to remove worms in the initial stages of treatment is medicinal materials that are widely used in traditional medicine.

The famous insect repellent formula, called triad, consists of three medicinal ingredients-tansy, wormwood and clove seeds, or calendula (marigold), coriander seeds and calamus root.

One of the recipes is private and has been used for centuries, and the second is a less toxic and safer recipe developed by scientists.

In the triad, it is mainly the dosage. The agent has an obvious repellent direction and, like the use of nutmeg, it has a destructive effect even on roundworms.

Using natural herbal ingredients, the following recipes are recommended in the first stage:

  • Use a single herbal preparation of angelica, calamus, wormwood, tansy, and male ferns (almost all of these herbs are poisonous, so they have an effect on almost all types of worms);
  • The use of hyssop in decoction or any form of fennel (this safe, natural and useful plant has obvious insect repellent effect);
  • The lion seed soup with coating effect also creates an unfavorable environment for the parasites.

At the same time, the preparation of the drug is as simple as possible, and it is used twice a day before meals, so that the gastric mucosa is not easily approached by invaders who eat human cell contents or nutrients in food.

In the second stage, you can take herbs, herbal seasonings and hot spices as preventive agents.

They are rich in useful minerals and trace elements, some of which are used as individual medicinal methods in the East or Asia.

Consume a product containing black pepper or red pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, and saffron every day. You can use their medicinal properties to restore immunity, eliminate vitamin deficiencies formed during parasite invasion, increase appetite and prevent new wormsInfect.

Long-acting preventive

If you do not abide by the personal hygiene rules and do not force your children to follow them, the presence of pets in the apartment is one of the potential sources of human infection.

Healthy immunity is one of the ways you can cope with almost any disease.

Using the folk remedies recommended in the third stage of anti-helminth treatment can restore the body (especially the digestive system and immune system) and play a preventive effect at the same time to avoid repeated or new infections.

For this reason, traditional medicine recommends the use of natural products of animal and plant origin, medicinal decoctions, plant fibers, vitamin teas and fruit juices.

In the list of suggested recipes, you can find:

  • Chamomile or sage soup. Can be used to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects on mucous membranes;
  • Garlic decoction in milk, or onion tincture;
  • Hemp, pumpkin and linseed oils;
  • Rosemary and parsley, as the main additives of plant fiber, are made by adding olive oil or mustard;
  • Birch buds are used to clean the body and restore body functions after poisoning the disease (they are used in 3 types: infusions, tinctures and decoctions);
  • Ginger is considered useful in any situation;
  • Coriander seeds are prepared in the form of a one-component decoction to enhance the effects of ginger root and establish healthy peristalsis.

For recovery and prevention, there are more complex folk remedies. The preparation of raw materials is usually done by a capable person-herbalist, healer or traditional healer.

They know when and when to collect ingredients to make their effects curative. But at home, pharmaceutical products can be prepared independently from raw materials or dry raw materials.

Enema, as a separate treatment, is most effective when the parasite is still present in the body.

For this type of therapy, you can use a variety of methods: milk plus garlic, wormwood and tansy (very effective against pinworms and roundworms), pumpkin oil, etc.

Experts suggest that before a therapeutic enema, a simple enema with boiling water (soda water or apple cider vinegar can be used), and then direct injection of the drug ingredients.

Traditional medicine has a whole set of such therapies, but before using them, it is best to consult an helminthologist.

Sometimes, in order to give up synthetic drugs, a person exposes himself to the danger of incorrect use of non-traditional drugs and puts his body in an extremely negative state.